Please ensure that you have followed the following procedures prior to filing a complaint

1)  Contacted the inventory clerk concerned and discussed this matter to try to find a resolution

2)  Contacted your letting agent as the instructing principle of the clerk (if appropriate) and asked them to act as mediator

The AIIC is not a regulatory body, we are a membership organisation.

Any inventory clerk applying for membership must agree to abide by our Code of Practice and Guidelines for Professional Practice

Their reports and documents are inspected at regular intervals to ensure that they reach our high expectations for membership.

If after a full and frank discussion, as listed on procedures one and two above, you still wish to file a complaint, please email whereupon you will be sent our Complaints Form for completion.

Please note that all complaints must be made within 30 days of the relevant completed work.

We will then – if we find that the clerk appears to be in breach of our code of practice – contact the clerk for a full explanation of events. Our disciplinary committee will investigate the matter from both points of view.

Our complaints committee will respond with their findings to all relevant parties within 14 days.

When it has been deemed that an Inventory Clerk has breached the AIIC’s Code of Practice, as a membership organisation our only course of action is as follows:

First Complaint – Written warning

Second Complaint – Further written warning

Third Complaint – Expulsion from the association.