How inventories can help keep mould and damp at bay

Landlords have a duty of care when it comes to housing tenants in safe conditions. For this reason, preventative measures that help to keep mound and damp at bay must be put in place to safeguard all parties.

Inventories can provide a reliable record if mould and damp are present in a rental property. This is because they make it easy to spot the issue before it emerges or make it clear that it was a pre-existing issue.

Making independent inventories part of all tenancies can significantly reduce the number of issues caused by damp and mould.

How damp and mould can affect health

Recent statistics show that 26% of all renters are affected by damp and mould. This is the equivalent of 3.8 million UK adults.

We recognise that damp and mould are common issues in the rental sector, yet the harmful effects can be prevented with the right evidence.

Damp and mould appear in buildings because of too much moisture. Damage to roofs, pipes or window frames can cause the issue, which is why regular inspections to these areas is required.

Rising damp can also occur through too much moisture in the air. Failure to air out rooms or use extractors in warm rooms can cause this to form.

According to the National Health Service (NHS), simply breathing in or touching mould can cause allergic reactions.

Less severe reactions to damp and mould include sneezing or a runny nose, while red eyes, skin rash, asthma attacks and long term breathing problems are more detrimental health problems it can cause.

Seek professional Inventory clerks only

Professional inspectors and inventory clerks understand that mould usually builds up over time and they know which factors to look out for during these checks.

Independent inventory clerks carry out reports and checks in a vigorous way because they are trained to a high level.

An impartial and professional inventory will help to identify what caused damp or mould to grow. These finer details are necessary to prevent issues from occurring again.

Mould is an issue best resolved at an early stage as this is when it is the least harmful and most inexpensive to treat.

Hiring an independent inventory clerk will protect tenants from being put in a potential toxic environment while it will also stop landlords from bearing extreme costs at a later stage.

If an independent inventory clerk is hired, the check in and check out processes will run far smoother as factual images and information will provide a timeline of the condition of the home.

If mould or damp is present, tenants and landlords will have a strong case only if professional inventories are used.

Identify who is responsible with inventories

Every year thousands of pounds get wasted on legal cases where there is trouble identifying who caused an issue with a rental property.

If the tenant is the culprit, this figure is then deducted from the initial deposit before being returned while if it is the landlord, the tenant should be compensated.

Damp that is produced because of structural issues is the landlord’s responsibility. Yet damp that is formed because of lack of ventilation, by not opening windows or by drying clothes indoors, is caused by the tenant.

We understand that inventories alone are not enough to stop this issue from occurring. However, inventories are an important part of the lettings process, and they are proven to be particularly useful as a preventative measure.

Published on 14/04/2022