New Central Office and Changes

Good Evening,

As you are aware myself, Danny Zane and Emma Glencross have been on the board serving the roles as complaints officers for some years.

This year we accepted the role as joint vice chairs.

Since the AGM we met for our board meeting and discussed moving forward and the future and where we need to be.

Pat and Helen have decided to stand down from their positions on the committee and in the interim we are both serving us joint chairs of our organisation.

We are sending out a letter early next week to all of us at The AIIC.

We look forward to the future and providing solutions to the issues that have been mentioned, experienced as well as some super changes and new strengths to lobby for us, create a larger social media and press presence and make us even more efficient.

We have spent this week working around the clock to pick up the current systems for membership, admin and compliance.

We will be looking to fill other positions within the council very shortly so if any of our full members would be interested please do feel free to email us at central office.

A huge thanks to Pat & Helen for bringing us to this point and making us who we are today.

We really appreciate all your support during this transition period.

Best Wishes,


Danny Zane & Emma Glencross

Published on 12/05/2017