What role does tech play with property inventories? 

Inventories are used to help prevent disputes at the end of a tenancy. These vital documents allow accurate comparisons of the condition of the property at the start and end of the tenancy to be made.

When it comes to property inventories, technology plays an increasingly large role. Reliable technology can be utilised to store written, photographic, and video evidence digitally, and also help to make the process faster and more effective.

Professional inventory clerks are trained to use different devices and software to carry out these checks efficiently and accurately. 

Make inventories more efficient 

Technology helps to make inventories more efficient because of the ease-of-use different software and devices can provide.

As the market continues to develop, we can expect the inventory process to become ever more digitised. For example, conducting reports through smart devices and inventory management software is becoming more common. 

Easy access to these important documents online helps to cut down time. The possibility of losing these in the mail is also ruled out, which then prevents time-wasting delays.

At present, the level of demand continues to outweigh the number of rental properties available in the PRS. For this reason, along with the aims of many tenants to move in ahead of the Christmas rush, the market remains very busy.

During this busy period, landlords and letting agents will have much to focus on, but technology can assist by making sure that efficiency and accuracy is maintained when it comes to inventories.

Inventories include evidence about fixtures, furniture, fittings, and decorations. The condition of these various elements is not only noted in detail, but high-quality videos and images can improve their usefulness further still.

Overall, the process of recording these intricate details can be time-consuming. Nonetheless, inventory software helps by making details about the property easy to track and display. 

Most inventories are also now signed online by all parties to ensure the process is smoother and easier to track.

Make inventories more accurate and precise

An inventory that has not been conducted with precision could cost a landlord thousands of pounds in the long term. 

If it fails to demonstrate the condition, cleanliness and contents of a property, it will be extremely difficult to make a successful claim. Whether taking images or date-stamping information, it must be a true reflection of the condition at the start and end of a tenancy.

The more accurate the inventory, the easier it will be to demonstrate whether the tenant is liable for any expenses. 

Technology, when used properly, can support more accurate and robust inventories, enabling landlords to keep comprehensive records of every tenancy.

For this reason, it is vital that the individuals carrying out the inventories have a thorough understanding of how to use the technology at their disposal to improve the inventory process.

At the AIIC, all our members are trained to provide the best possible service. Our independent inventory clerks are equipped to use devices to capture clear videos and images. They are also trained to use professional software to correctly log and store the information. 

As an agent or landlord, you want to protect your investments and establish smooth transitions from one tenant to the next. We are dedicated to promoting the highest possible standards of accuracy and reliability in the inventory process and have been endorsing high levels of professionalism in the inventory business since 1996.

It is our mission to ensure proper information and training is provided and our bank of highly skilled members will provide the best possible service. For more information, please contact us or search for your local AIIC member clerk now.

You can also download a copy of our Code of Practice and Guidelines for Professional Practice guide here.

Published on 04/11/2022