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AIIC Full Media Coverage 2017/18/19/20

Press Release: Danny Zane steps down as chair of the AIIC

Press Release: Minister rejects ban on rent increases

Press Release: Demand from letting agents sees rise in virtual tours

Press Release: Are inventory clerks essential workers? Trade body seeks clarification

Press Release: Coronavirus: trade group tries to reassure agents

Press Release: Students who rent urged to “go lawsuit crazy” from March 20

Press Release: Coronavirus advice: ‘Stand six feet from clients when visiting properties’

Press Release: AIIC reports surge in demand for inventories

Press Release: UK’s first deposit scheme that requires reporting welcomed by AIIC

Press Release: Major high street agent using ‘biased’ check out reports to make money, it is claimed

Press Release: Tenant fees ban leads to landlords owing tenants thousands

Press Release: Long delays continuing with tenant deposit return times

Press Release: Tenants warned regarding misuse of inventories

Press Release: AIIC issues warnings as inventory misuse is rising

Press Release: It is good practice to have a well prepared inventory to ensure a risk-free tenancy

Press Release: Is virtual reality the next step for independent inventory reporting?

Press release: Increasing number of safety issues flagged up by inventory clerks

Press release: Importance of Inventory Reporting Stressed by Government and Deposit Scheme

Press release: Mitigating business risk through inventories

Press release: Importance of Inventory Reporting Stressed by Government and Deposit Scheme

Press release: TDS inventory guidance ahead of tenant fee ban introduction

Press release: Inventories are as Important as Deposits, the AIIC Insists

Press release: Will tenants be left more vulnerable after the letting fees ban?

Press release: Calls for inventory clerks to back Fitness For Human Habitation Bill

Press release: Mould: A growing issue for landlords and tenants alike

Press release: What it takes to be an independant inventory clerk

Press release: Why Independent Inventory Clerks will be essential following the lettings fee ban

Press release: Inventory clerks subject to abuse when parties do not agree

Press release: Inventory clerks happy to go the extra mile despite being under pressure

Press release: Lettings sector warned to be cautious of for-profit inventory associations

Press release: New Chair for professional property body as inventory awareness campaign continues

Press release: Ongoing campaign/petition to regulate independent inventories

Press release: Agents and landlords urged to sign mandatory inventories petition

Press release: Student lettings – Independent inventories are crucial, says AIIC

Press release: Deposit cap could lead to more disputes, says industry trade body

Press release: ‘BBC landlord show is an eye-opener for the industry’ – AIIC

Press release: Tenants will leave things behind, so make sure you’re covered

Press release: Trade body calls on government to make independent inventories compulsory

Press release: Lettings industry trade body announces new joint chairs

The AIIC petition for compulsory independent inventories starts

Dear Members/Friends,

We are really pleased to announce that after much preparation we have now started a petition calling on the Government to discuss enforcing unbiased independent inventory reporting as an essential part of the residential letting process.

Full protection should be offered to all parties within the letting process and independent inventory reporting is the only way to ensure that no bias reports are used. This will also enable the Government’s Tenancy Deposit Scheme to have sufficient impartial evidence to enable them to adequately adjudicate should there be a dispute. We have seen more and more evidence of tenants being made to sign bias reports in return for their keys, mostly unaware that the inventory report is compiled by a landlord, agent or source that is not third party or unbiased.

This must now be stopped.

Please help us by sharing the petition via the below link to as many people as possible.

Please help us to make tenancies safer for all parties:
“Make independent inventory reporting of privately rented properties compulsory”

Click this link to see our petition and start sharing it:

Petition: Make independent inventory reporting of privately rented properties compulsory
Independent inventory reporting of privately rented properties on an AST should be a mandatory requirement. Independent inventories offer protection and help to reduce the number of deposit disputes. Please support this petition and help us make the letting process more transparent for all.
Best Wishes,

Danny Zane & Emma Glencross

AIIC Inventory Insight – January 2017

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AIIC Inventory Insight – January 2017

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