Feel the benefit of AIIC

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s probably a good time to take stock of the year and think about some of the challenges that might lie ahead in 2024.

While we’re at it, we might take a moment to think about our important roles working within the PRS and also remind ourselves of the benefits of working together as an autonomous professional association.

This year we’ve seen many landlords leaving the sector and tenant demand sky rocket. The result has been a shortage of available homes and steep rent rises for tenants – some of whom have started to bid above the listed rent to be able to secure a property.

In May we saw the Renters (Reform) Bill introduced into Parliament and we waited until October for it to get its Second Reading. We’re also going to have to wait some more before the Bill is finalised – it is still subject to scrutiny and amendment – even though we know its most controversial measure (the scrapping of Section 21 evictions) has been put on hold until the court process is sorted out.

Whatever happens in the coming year, it is more important than ever that we stand united and work together to make our voice heard above the cacophony of noise from lobby groups and vested interests that constantly berate the law-makers.

Amid all this ‘noise’ it’s vitally important that we – as an independent association – continue to express our views clearly, with the interests of the entire sector at heart. After all, who else is in a position to give a truly objective view?

That is why we have to stay strong as an organisation – because our opinion matters and it is being listened to by thousands.

Increase the volume of work

 In 2023 our PR campaign has been particularly successful – we’ve received extensive coverage on a number of issues that affect our sector.

Whether it was a call to ease the tax burden for landlords, how to tackle pets in lets or preventing the threat of bedbug invaders, we’ve attracted dozens of headlines across the trade Press and explained the true value of the independent perspective of inventory clerks throughout the country.

I’m sure members will agree that is important – but we’re not just a campaigning organisation.

With AIIC members are trained to a recognised industry standard according to guidelines for professional practice. We also run CPD courses on inspections and safeguarding (run free for members one month every year).

Government endorsed quality

We are also long-standing holders of Trustmark – the Government endorsed quality scheme – recognised throughout the industry.

We run the Find A Clerk Portal which fields job enquiries from landlords and agents. Over the next year we’re going to work to boost the SEO and increase the volume of work it generates.

We run a recruitment page and Forum – where members can share experiences and gather advice from other professionals.

We share our extensive knowledge-base to help in the workplace. Our factsheets are always available.

We provide free membership of the PRS for complaint handling and to strengthen consumer trust and we run the Central Office Help Line – where experienced staff are on call to help with any issues or queries members may have.

And we give you political representation – our Chair sits on the PRS Advisory Paneland regularly attends the Lettings Industry Council as well as industry events like the ARLA Conference.

2024 is going to be a big year for the PRS – we have to campaign to see it thrive and grow. We need more rental homes, a better tax framework to keep landlords from leaving the sector, we want independent inventories and inspections made compulsory for every tenancy, we demand a fair deal for all sides. Join us and add your voice to ours. You’ll feel the benefit.

Published on 30/11/2023