AIIC Full Media Coverage 2017/18/19/20

Press Release: Danny Zane steps down as chair of the AIIC

Press Release: Minister rejects ban on rent increases

Press Release: Demand from letting agents sees rise in virtual tours

Press Release: Are inventory clerks essential workers? Trade body seeks clarification

Press Release: Coronavirus: trade group tries to reassure agents

Press Release: Students who rent urged to “go lawsuit crazy” from March 20

Press Release: Coronavirus advice: ‘Stand six feet from clients when visiting properties’

Press Release: AIIC reports surge in demand for inventories

Press Release: UK’s first deposit scheme that requires reporting welcomed by AIIC

Press Release: Major high street agent using ‘biased’ check out reports to make money, it is claimed

Press Release: Tenant fees ban leads to landlords owing tenants thousands

Press Release: Long delays continuing with tenant deposit return times

Press Release: Tenants warned regarding misuse of inventories

Press Release: AIIC issues warnings as inventory misuse is rising

Press Release: It is good practice to have a well prepared inventory to ensure a risk-free tenancy

Press Release: Is virtual reality the next step for independent inventory reporting?

Press release: Increasing number of safety issues flagged up by inventory clerks

Press release: Importance of Inventory Reporting Stressed by Government and Deposit Scheme

Press release: Mitigating business risk through inventories

Press release: Importance of Inventory Reporting Stressed by Government and Deposit Scheme

Press release: TDS inventory guidance ahead of tenant fee ban introduction

Press release: Inventories are as Important as Deposits, the AIIC Insists

Press release: Will tenants be left more vulnerable after the letting fees ban?

Press release: Calls for inventory clerks to back Fitness For Human Habitation Bill

Press release: Mould: A growing issue for landlords and tenants alike

Press release: What it takes to be an independant inventory clerk

Press release: Why Independent Inventory Clerks will be essential following the lettings fee ban

Press release: Inventory clerks subject to abuse when parties do not agree

Press release: Inventory clerks happy to go the extra mile despite being under pressure

Press release: Lettings sector warned to be cautious of for-profit inventory associations

Press release: New Chair for professional property body as inventory awareness campaign continues

Press release: Ongoing campaign/petition to regulate independent inventories

Press release: Agents and landlords urged to sign mandatory inventories petition

Press release: Student lettings – Independent inventories are crucial, says AIIC

Press release: Deposit cap could lead to more disputes, says industry trade body

Press release: ‘BBC landlord show is an eye-opener for the industry’ – AIIC

Press release: Tenants will leave things behind, so make sure you’re covered

Press release: Trade body calls on government to make independent inventories compulsory

Press release: Lettings industry trade body announces new joint chairs

Published on 22/05/2018